In the last few years the number of restaurants that offer gluten friendly buns for their burgers has increased significantly. Many major restaurant chains now offer gluten friendly or gluten free bun option in addition to lettuce wraps. Here are some options in order of our favorite!

Cactus Club Cafe – The most expensive option, but you get what you pay for, a good high quality gluten friendly burger. Available for dine in or take out. Our local location has a take out window outside to avoid the crowd inside.

Red Robin – Many of Red Robins gourmet burgers can be gluten friendly with their gluten friendly burger bun. Nice burger options from just the usual type of burger.

Triple O’s – Possibly the only drive through option, they offer gluten friendly burger buns, and can grill the buns to minimize cross contamination, they also label the buns afterwards so they make a great effort. Lots of Triple O locations at Chevrons around the province!

White Spot – We love White Spot’s triple O sauce. Get gluten free bun in a “pirate pack” for your young one. Some locations offer drive in service to your car in their parking lot.

Browns Socialhouse – A good traditional burger with their gluten friendly bun.

Tap & Barrel – T&R does offer a gluten friendly bun and have some fun burger options.

If you know of a restaurant that has a great gluten friendly bun for burgers let us know!